Dealing with sensitive skin can be frustrating. That’s because how our skin reacts to external environmental stressors is out of our control. The good news is that we do have control over how we care for our skin and there are proven ways to soothe and protect sensitive skin. Here are our top tips to managing skin sensitivity.

1. Completely remove your makeup every night. A no-brainer, right? This essential PM habit makes a huge difference in the quality of your skin. Sleeping with makeup on can aggravate sensitive or already-irritated skin. Take a few moments before bed each night to wipe off or wash away your makeup - we promise you’ll look and feel 100 times better.

2. Simplify your routine. Sometimes going back to basics offers the best results. Find a physician-strength cleanser, toner and moisturizer that is formulated for sensitive skin and stick to it. There are so many cleansers on the market that it can be overwhelming to know which one to choose. We suggest a soap-free, unscented cleanser like Gentle Blue Cleanser. It cleanses away dirt, debris and excess makeup—without stripping the skin of its natural moisturizers. Gentle Blue contains aloe vera and olive fruit oils for deep hydration and ultimate freshness. Next, apply Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. Its active ingredients soothe, moisturize and protect skin from environmental stressors. Vitamins A & E and chamomile and mugwort and algae extracts replenish moisture to rejuvenate the skin. An added benefit? Sensitive Skin Moisturizer is formulated with liposomes that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier protecting it against external damage.

3. Be gentle. This one may seem obvious, but can’t be said often enough. Be intentional about not pulling, tugging or rubbing your skin in ways that increase sensitivity. When using cotton rounds to apply eye makeup remover and toner, don’t apply too much pressure (P.S.- try Sensitive Skin Toner, it’s alcohol-free to cool the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties, too!). Always be gentle with your skin.

4. Avoid hot water. Any kind of heat can irritate the skin causing unwanted redness. When you wash your face, use lukewarm water. Hot water can strip away your skin’s natural oils; warm water loosens the dirt and preserves your skin's hydrating oils. 

5. Use a daily SPF. After you moisturize, always apply an SPF to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s important to safeguard your skin year-round against unwanted signs of aging and the risk of developing skin cancer. Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and photo damage. If you already struggle with sensitivity, photo damage may also lead to unwanted hyperpigmentation and inflammation.  Use a moisturizer like Revercel AM which contains both moisturizers and a high SPF sunscreen—dual action.

For maximum anti-aging benefits for even the most sensitive skin, try our Soothe Kit - it contains the products discussed above plus it’s 15% Off the retail price when compared to the price of each individually. Any questions about our products or need more skin care advice? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, we’d love to chat!