It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason! Your sleeping habits have a direct impact on the appearance of your skin. Here’s how:

Getting less than 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night can age your skin – and promote the development of noticeable fine wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles. During sleep, your skin is safe from UV rays and is completely relaxed. It’s the best time for your skin to rejuvenate and a great time to let your favorite products do their work. While sleep is important for all the systems in the body, the skin especially benefits through toxin removal and cell turnover. Our skin deserves sufficient rest just as our muscles and minds do. If we don’t allow the skin to recover by getting enough sleep, we take away its ability to naturally heal itself - people with acne-prone skin may experience breakouts, people with sensitive skin may have more inflammation and people with aging skin may notice more fine wrinkles or dark circles.

In addition, collagen production is most active during the night hours. Because collagen production naturally decreases with age, when we don’t get enough sleep, collagen production is further diminished and we miss out on the firmness and plumpness typically seen with youthful skin. 


Sleep is just as important to having healthy, youthful-looking skin as skin care is. Pair a consistent 7-9 hours per night with your Revercel skin care regimen for long-lasting anti-aging results and watch your skin transform! Not sure where to begin? Start with products that stimulate cell renewal such as Perfect Glycolic Treatment 15% and PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer. Both work to reduce the appearance of fine lines and increase radiance. Wake up to brighter, healthier skin—you deserve it!