As we start spending more time outside this Spring, the potential for sun damage is an even greater concern. Prolonged sun exposure decreases collagen production, elasticity, and skin thickness. Be diligent and consistent and apply sunscreen daily to guard against harmful UV rays year-round, but especially during the sunnier months. Our go-to sunscreen? Triple Duty Plus

Triple Duty Plus has a three-in-one advantage. First, it provides high SPF, broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.  Second, it contains a sheer tint with skin tone-blending capabilities with a whisper of coverage. Its transparent pigments allow all skin tones to shine through for a natural color.  Third, Triple Duty Plus contains a powerful anti-aging lipopeptide complex. When peptides are linked to lipids, they penetrate the skin more easily, optimizing their benefits. Triple Duty Plus is your three-in-one solution. 

Sun damage can occur any time of year.  As we transition from Winter to Spring, we have increased exposure to UV rays while taking a walk, driving, or simply sitting in front of a window.  Triple Duty Plus reduces the likelihood of developing fine lines and wrinkles, dark spots and even skin cancer from sun exposure. Its water-resistant formula is perfect for all skin types and an ideal lightweight formulation for all seasons. Try replacing your current sunscreen with Triple Duty Plus - your skin will thank you.

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