Holiday shopping season is upon us! Today on the blog, we put together our best gifting recommendations for each person on your list. The beauty of skin care is that it is a necessity, but it also makes a great gift. Who wouldn’t want to receive a fun skin care set or a fancy new moisturizer? We surely wouldn’t be disappointed to find Revercel Skin Care under the tree. 

The Skin Care Connoisseur  - CE Serum, $100

CE Serum is perfect for the skin care lover who is always open to trying products that will elevate their regimen. The serum contains a synergistic blend of Vitamins C, E and ferulic acid that protects skin against free radicals caused by environmental damage. Suited for those of all ages and skin types, CE Serum makes the perfect present.

The Young Adult - Acne Defense Kit, $63.33

If you know somebody who struggles with keeping breakouts at bay, Acne Defense Kit is the way to go. Clear Skin Cleanser, Blemish Control Pads and Spot Treatment are a top-notch trio that work together to effectively reduce the appearance of breakouts and calm the skin. This kit is suited for those with normal and oily skin.

New to Skin Care - Starter Kit, $244.38

This kit covers all the bases -  it contains a trio of Revercel's best-selling anti-aging skin care products. Papaya Cleanser, CE Serum, AM Daily Moisturizer and PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer are all suited for all skin types and work together to seamlessly cleanse, treat and protect the skin.

Active Outdoors - AM Daily Moisturizer, $71.50

SPF is important all year long for everybody, regardless of how much time we spend outside. It’s especially important for the person on your list who loves the sun. AM Daily Moisturizer SPF45+ is an oil-free moisturizing sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection from harmful rays. Hyalauronic and lactic acids make the skin appear younger, smoother and more hydrated. 

Happy holiday shopping, Revercel family!