As the seasons change, so should our skincare routines. Creating the perfect Winter regimen may seem daunting. The amount of skin care information on the internet can be overwhelming.  No worries - we’re here to help you sort it out! We’ve debunked four common winter skin myths to help give your skin the TLC it needs year-round.

  1. “I don’t need to wear sunscreen in the Winter.”

You always need to wear sunscreen. It may seem less important to wear SPF during the Winter, but the truth is that UV light continues to penetrate the skin. When you engage in winter activities such as skiing or snowboarding, the sun reflects off the snow and your skin is exposed to UV rays. Try AM Daily Moisturizer SPF 45+. It’s a lightweight, daily moisturizer formulated with hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin E for antioxidant protection from free radicals and SPF 45+ for broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

  1. “Exfoliation dries out my skin.”

Exfoliation removes dehydrated, dull cells that make your skin feel tight and dry in the Winter. Incorporating an exfoliating product 1-2x a week into your skin routine helps your moisturizers better penetrate. Your skin will become more radiant and remove leftover dirt and debris.

  1. “Water temperature isn’t important for the health of my skin.”

Hot water can make your skin even drier in the cold, low humidity Winter months. Avoid skin irritation by using lukewarm water instead. Water that’s too hot can damage the outermost layer of skin resulting in skin that’s more susceptible to environmental damage. 

  1. “Thicker moisturizers are better in the Winter.”

While a thicker moisturizer is sometimes more effective for extremely dehydrated skin, it’s not always the best choice. Thick moisturizers are only more effective when the skin is regularly exfoliated and prepped for moisturizers to deeply penetrate the skin. Otherwise, thicker moisturizers sit on top of the skin without any hydrating benefits.

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