This Valentine’s Day (and really every day) is a good time to remember to love ourselves and the skin we’re in. We’re suggesting not only that you appreciate your loved ones this month, but also that you take time-out to appreciate you: an amazing being!

For some of us, that might mean pampering ourselves with a facial or skin care product that makes us feel beautiful. For others, it means taking time out to do something that we enjoy or find relaxing, whether that’s reading, getting outside or maybe Netflix & a take-out dinner with dessert (no judgement here!).

During this month of “love” we encourage you to ‘treat yourself’ in whatever loving way you choose.

Below you’ll find a few inspiring (self-love) ideas and budget-friendly ways to pamper yourself this month.  

1. Treat yourself to an epic bath

You don’t have to go to a spa to relax and achieve a little slice of heaven. With a little pre-planning you can have a luxurious bath experience in your own home. Read this article from LifeHacker, ‘How To Give Yourself a Spa-Like Bath At Home’  to gain some great tips for the ultimate bath.

epic bath

2. Practice self-compassion and acceptance

Embrace yourself with all of your strengths and imperfections. For example, practice treating yourself as you would treat your best friend -- with kindness and compassion. Get rid of any harsh inner-dialogue you might tell yourself and ask yourself if you would ever say that to your best friend. If the answer is no, then you’ll know you’re being extra hard on yourself or even just plain mean.

For some inspiring quotes and ideas check out this Pinterest’s page.

You Are Enough

3. Sticky Note love

Leave yourself a sticky note (or several) on the bathroom mirror with a positive message about you or list a goal as a reminder. For most of us, the first place you visit after you wake up in the morning is the bathroom. You’ll see this positive message to help you have a good start to the day and to remind yourself how awesome you are.

sticky note love

4. Pamper your skin

When your skin feels soft and looks great, it’s hard not to feel good! For a little skin pampering we suggest: Sea Clay Polish ($47), it lifts the dull surface layers of dead skin cells while clearing pores, revealing a brighter complexion. Follow-up with Remineralizing Sea Water Mist ($30). Essential oils of geranium and rosewood make this mist an ideal multi-use product for calming anxiety and stress while refreshing skin with nutrient- and vitamin-rich seawater.

skin pampering

5. Make time for yourself to do what you enjoy

Whether it’s playing a sport, exploring new trails, reading, writing or dancing...whatever you enjoy make some time for it on a regular basis. Here’s some good tips on how to schedule and stick to making some time for yourself.

get outside

Other products we suggest for extra skin pampering include:

Papaya Cleanser

Salicylic Acid combined with Natural Papaya Fruit Enzymes deeply cleanse away makeup, dirt, and oil while exfoliating away dull skin cells, leaving your face soft and smooth. The light papaya scent smells great. Also, it contains antioxidants Vitamins C and E to help fight environmental damage. Papaya Cleanser can also be used as a refreshing and energizing body cleanser!

Skin Replenishing Gel

We love that Skin Replenishing Gel can also be refrigerated and used as a refreshing stress-relieving, nourishing moisture mask!

CE Serum

With pure vitamin C, E, and ferulic acid CE Serum provides environmental protection, lightens lines, firms skin and brightens your complexion. 

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