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"I thought you might be interested in some feedback about your product. In June I made arrangements to have eyelid surgery done and a "before" photo was taken. I had been to the eye surgeon 2 years previous (2009) (before using Revercel) and a photo was taken at that time. I was surprised to notice.....when comparing the two photos.....that my skin looked so much better in 2011 than in 2009. I have no question that Revercel made that difference. Just one more reason I don't want to be without my products much longer."
Julane B.

"I am an absolute ardent fan of papaya cleanser. It's non-irritating and it does the job!"

"My husband and friends are amazed. My face is so soft it feels like a rose petal! My skin used to be dull and flaky. Now it looks alive and vibrant!"
Heidi B.

"I love to use the Skin Replenishing Gel as a leave-on "pick-me-up" mask. It feels so refreshing and re-hydrates my skin especially after a skin treatment."

"I have very mature, dry and sensitive skin. Revercel has kept my skin well hydrated and given it a healthy glow."
Cathy M.

"It has made my skin so much smoother and my skin just feels better. I truly realized the difference the Vita-C made on my skin when I went to England. I forgot to bring it with me. After two weeks of being in England my skin looked dull and had lost it's glow. Even my husband noticed and asked me what was going on with my skin."
Barbara C.

"My skin's overall texture is smoother, my pores are less visible and Revercel has controlled my skin's oiliness.  I do not have any wrinkles around my eyes which I attribute to the Eye Perfection Cream. Most importantly, people have commented on how wonderful my skin looks. Revercel has given me more self-esteem. It is the best thing that ever happened to my skin. My fiancé is hooked too!"
Lisa M.

"I was very skeptical about changing my skin care program. I have used M.D. Forte for years. However, in less than one week I've noticed a much healthier glow and my skin is much smoother."
Beth G.

"I have much smoother skin an even skin tone, and my blackheads have disappeared."
Wendy K.

"I've always had sensitive skin and I did not use a lot of products until I came to Age Defy Dermatology. Since I've started using the products, my skin looks healthy and younger. I've noticed my skin is much smoother and I can't go a day without my Revercel!"
Donna D.

"I LOVE THESE PRODUCTS!!!!! I used the mask this morning and my skin feels like a baby's. I'll sample the scrub when I take my shower in a little while."
Ann M.

"I just want to tell you that I LOVE the Revercel Products – AM Oil-Free SPF 30, PM, Retinol treatment, and Vita-C are the products which I use daily, and my skin looks the best it has in the 10 years!  I have been using these products for a year, and I got rid of all former skin care products! (I donated and gave them away)."
Vera H.

"I love Revercel creams. I visited with my daughter in LA and she mentioned how great my skin looks. Looks like you have a future client."
JoAnne A.

"I am very amazed at your products. I recently bought your Papaya Cleanser and your toner. This was my first time purchasing from you. I am impressed after 3 days of the clarity of my skin. I am an African American female and am approaching 48 this august. I have taken pretty good care of myself, and actually people think I am younger than my age."
Kim A.

"...I noticed right away they were different, the texture and the feeling on my skin. I used them for about four days and would you believe I had this "miracle" happen to my skin..."
Michele G.

"I have used Revercel Skin Care since it was first introduced, and the products continue to meet technology. Quite simply, I think these are the best products I've ever used. Thanks to Revercel, no one can believe I'm as old as I am."
April D.

"I love all of the Revercel products. I've used Lancome and Clinique, and I find the quality and efficacy to be far superior."
Barbara C.

"Your products actually seem to heal the loss of elasticity which makes my skin stay wonderfully firm and glowing after I use it. I am hooked and am sending your web page to all of my friends and clients!"
Lesley L.
"I love the new Warming Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, and have told all my friends about it. Besides using it myself, my 11-year-old daughter uses it and loves it, too. She loves the warming sensation and it's helping with her pimples, too. Thanks."
Nikki B.

"On my trip back East I was so proud of my skin and I sure looked light years younger than my old high school friends I saw...My son was with me and his comment was in the telling the story "those people all looked their age...and then there was my Mom!"
Lindsay C.

"Years ago your doctor performed the chemical peel and I've continued to use your products since, even though my daughter talked me into moving to Modesto to be her neighbor. Revercel is working for me ... sales clerks, waitresses, etc., often mistake my daughter and me for "sisters." I will be 75 in July!"
Jeanne N.
"I love your product, and it's great to know the customer service is excellent too! "
Mary T.

"I am 47 and have tried so many skin care lines. Never, and I seriously mean never, have I experienced the results I have from the Glycolic 25%.  The way the bottle is set up it is so sanitary and dispenses just the right amount. My next goal is to get their Vitamin C 30% . I have smoother skin, less acne, and an all around brighter complexion. Previously, I'd used a very expensive line with no where near the results. It's good to begin with the lesser strength and move up to the 25% after your skin acclimates. Excellent product!"
Coleen F.