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Papaya Cleanser

6 fl. oz
3 month supply

Papaya Cleanser


Salicylic Acid combined with Natural Papaya Fruit Enzymes deeply cleanse away make-up, dirt, and oil while exfoliating dry or dull skin cells, leaving skin soft and supple. Papaya Fruit smells great and contains Vitamins C and E; antioxidants to fight environmental damage. Can also be used as a refreshing and energizing body cleanser!

 Created and tested by a dermatologist and preventive medicine specialist.

What Customers Say...

"I am very amazed at your products. I recently bought your Papaya Cleanser and your toner. This was my first time purchasing from you. I am impressed after 3 days of the clarity of my skin. I am an African American female and am approaching 48 this august. I have taken pretty good care of myself, and actually people think I am younger than my age." - Kim A.

Additional Information


Gently massage a small amount onto moist skin. Rinse with warm water. Use twice daily, morning and evening.


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