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Name of Ingredient Definition
Alpha Lipoic Acid Fatty acid naturally found in all cells to energize the body. Also an anti-oxidant that reduces free radicals causing skin damage. Decreases skin roughness and wrinkles. Best taken on an empty stomach.
Allantoin Increases the growth of healthy, new tissue. Skin protector by conditioning the skin, reducing dryness. Anti microbial and reduces skin irritation.
Algae Extract Protects and stimulates cells. Skin becomes more radiant and looks more naturally healthy because cell turnover is increased and skin cells are provided with more energy.
Antioxidants Prevents oxidative damage. When cells use oxygen, they naturally produce free radicals which can cause damage. Antioxidants prevent and repair damage done by free radicals. Helps boost immunity also.
Aloe Aloe gel also contains glycoproteins and polysaccharides. Glycoproteins speed the healing process by stopping pain and inflammation, while polysaccharides stimulate skin growth and repair. These substances may also stimulate the immune system.
Aloe Juice and Artemesia Extract Help soothe and minimize irritation.
Alpha-arbutin and Octadecenedioic Acid Skin brighteners that help produce a more even skin tone.
Arnica Montana Helps speed up healing process such as bruises and irritation
Azelaic Acid Reduces growth of bacteria and pigmentation, antibacterial. Also reduces appearance of acne and rosacea.
Beta-Glucan and Willowherb Extract Outstanding anti-inflammatory, reduces redness and irritation.
Benzoic Acid Fights bacteria and keeps the skin clean. Used as a preservative to keep products fresh and longer lasting.
Benzophenone Provides UVA/UVB protection
Beta glucan Lowers cholesterol and bolsters immunity.
Bioflavonoid Plant derivative with therapeutic attributes
Benzoyl Peroxide Helps rid the follicle of excess dead skin cells. Kills acne-causing bacteria
Calendula Treats minor wounds by soothing and acts similarly by calming in skincare products.
Chamomile Extract Helpful for sensitive skin as an antioxidant. Also augments blood flow in the skin and soothes irritation.
Citric Acid Vitamin C based citric acid works as an antioxidant that can help refresh skin and reduce the look of aging by promoting new skin growth and destroying free radicals.
Co-Enzyme Q10 Antioxidant that protects and revitalize skin cells. Boosts energy and strengthens immune system.
Collagen Protein used to firm the skin by increasing strength and flexibility. Increasing flexibility retains the skins young, natural state.
Cornstarch Helps absorb excess oil throughout the day, leaving the skin clear and soft. Helps give skin a fresh, dry feeling , soothes irritated skin and leaves it feeling silky and smooth.
Cucumber Extract A natural source for antioxidants, calcium, potassium, vitamin B1 and Vitamin C. Wonderful for treating skin eruptions, eczema, pimples, black heads, wrinkles, and dryness.
Daisy Flower Extract Evens out blotchy skin
Derm SRC Increases production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid for firmer, more toned skin.
Dermaxyl®-Palmitoyl Oligopeptide Potent anti-aging ingredient, peptides for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles
Dimethicone Skin conditioning agent and skin protector. Also used as skin emoliant.
Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate Used to absorb, reflect or scatter UV rays. It protects the skin from sunburn and other damaging effects of the sun.
Ethylhexyl Salicylate Provides UVB protection
Emblica Fruit Extract Brightens and reduces oxidative stress. Also a potent ayurvedic cholesterol reducer.
Encapsulated Lipid Spheres with Vitamins A and E Promotes moisture and vitamins to restore elasticity, alleviate epidermal dehydration
Gingko Biloba Powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin against environmental aging. Aids body in circulating blood flow in the skin.
Glycolic Acid Exfoliates surface dead skin cells and stimulates cellular turnover. Allows for more youthful skin by rejuvenating.
Glycolipids Increases the absorption of key ingredients throughout the epidermis without irritation
Glycerin Its water solubility makes it a humectants and effectively retain moisture.
Grapefruit Extract Natural enzymes that help brighten and soften the skin. Reduces the build up of germs in the skin.
Grapeseed Oil Deliver and help the skin retain more moisture, leaving skin dewy and smooth.
Green Tea Extract Powerful anti-oxidant reduces hyper-pigmentation and inflammation. Antioxidant powers naturally rid the skin of any pollutants.
Hyaluronic Acid Improves elasticity and hydration retaining 1000 times its own weight in water
Hydroquinone Lightening ingredients that fade liver and age spots, freckles and hyper pigmented areas
Japanese Green Tea Extract or Pure Vitamin E Powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin against environmental aging
Jojoba Oil Jojoba acts as a natural skin oil and hence balances the skin's oil production. All day moisturizer because does not easily evaporate.
Kojik Acid Mushroom extract that is a lightening ingredients that fade liver and age spots, freckles and hyper pigmented areas.
Kojik Dipalmitate Works together with retinol to lighten the skin and reduce uneven pigmentation.
Kombuchka® Decreases the greenish gray tone that appears as you age, restoring a healthy, rosy glow to the skin. It smoothes the skin and reduces appearance of lines and wrinkles.
Lactic Acid Removes dead surface skin and refines texture. Regulates body's management of dry skin, acne, and wrinkles. Provides intensive moisture to nail beds, cuticles, and skin.
L-ascorbic Acid Provides photo-protection by blocking the formation of free radicals, encouraging collagen production. Strengthens capillaries and cell walls for firmer skin.
Licorice Extract Inhibits melanin production thus brightening the skin.
Liposomes System that deeply hydrates the skin. Anti aging and rejuvenating formula.
Lipopeptide Firms lax skin by controlling the secretion of cytokines, which are responsible for aging. Increases production of collagen.
Lumiskin® Powerful anti-oxidant that effectively brightens the skin and evens skin tone. Allows for more radiant skin tone by reducing pigmentation.
Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate Helps stimulate collagen production, non irritating form of Vitamin C. Excellent for skin brightening and lightening.
Marine Collagen Firms and lifts the skin. Evens out texture of skin for smooth skin.
Mica, Silica, and Titanium Dioxide Help diffuse light to create a soft focus, airbrushed appearance to the skin.
Niacin B-complex vitamin that helps lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attacks. Also regulates fatty substances in your blood.
Octinoxate Provides full UVB protection.
Palmitoyl Oligopeptide newest and most potent anti-aging peptides. Gives results similar to retinoic acid and retinol without irritation.
Papaya Enzyme Fruity enzyme that help to soften the skin. Also used as anti-inflammatory for acne prone skin, reducing redness.
Parsol®1789 (Avobenzone) Fruity enzyme that help to soften the skin. Also used as anti-inflammatory for acne prone skin, reducing redness.
Peppermint Refresh and stimulate circulation. Energizes the skin and leaves skin alive and fresh.
Peptides Act as a mini-protein to contribute to epidermal restructuring for firmer, smoother skin. Type of collagen to thicken skin.
Photosomes Sea Plankton Extract uses visible light to reverse the damage caused by UV radiation
Plankton Extract  
Pure Vitamin E (Tocopheryl Acetate) Powerful anti-oxidant that protects the skin against environmental aging
Pumpkin Peel Packed with beta carotene, nourishes and exfoliates the skin's surface to whisk away dead skin cells.
Retinols Retinol is a derivative of vitamin A. Retinols support the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid and work together to increase new skin cell turnover. Retinols are also an antioxidant and decrease radicals that cause skin damage. Overall retinols tighten skin and even out skin tone to make it appear smoother.
Rigin® Controls the balance of proteins in mature skin, thus delaying the effects of premature aging. Elasticity and firmness are improved, and skin is more hydrated, protected, and smooth.
Salicylic Acid (Beta-Hydroxyl) Acid Exfoliates dead skin cells for acne prone skin by successfully penetrating the follicle. Breaking through the follicle keeps the pores clear, reducing breakouts.
Shea Butter Soothing emollient, help the skin retain more moisture, leaving skin dewy and smooth.
Sodium Hyaluronate Very effective in strengthening skin and moisturizing. Improves elasticity and hydration.
Soybean Oil Helps nourish and add moisture naturally.
Teamine Complex® Helps reduce dark under-eye circles with exclusive light-diffusing technology.
Titanium Dioxide Natural mineral shield the skin from UV damage, safe for pigmentation.
Toniskin® Reduces wrinkles by reinforcing the cohesion between the dermis and epidermis, and stimulating collagen production.
Tripeptide Peptides contribute to epidermal restructuring for firmer, smoother skin. Great for antiaging.
Vitamin A Helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Effectively conditions the skin to moisturize and create youthful skin.
Vitamin C Anti-oxidant, and protects and repairs from sun damage. Enhances synthesis of collagen. Provides structural support and resilience of skin.
Vitamin E Repairs dry, rough skin. Miraculous healing power for skin damage.
Vitamin K Anti-oxidant, blood clot regulator. Repairs dark, under-eye circles because is a good defense against discoloration.
White Birch Extract Repairs skin by stimulating collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Treats skin conditions such as eczema and warts also.
Witch Hazel Extract Removes impurities and restores the skin's pH balance to calm and soothe
Yeast Extract Reduces wrinkles by reinforcing the cohesion between the dermis and epidermis, and stimulating collagen production. Skin's immune system is stimulated to maintain efficient repair function. Helps soothe redness and swelling after sun exposure.
Zeolite Natural mineral in powder form produces soothing heat as it absorbs water from the skin. Detoxes the skin for truly healthy skin.
Zinc Oxide Essential mineral for sun protection. Can also be used for skin infections such as rashes and poison ivy.